Bonus Deal, Lumia 640 plus MD-12 Wireless Speaker From Optus!

Lumia 640
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Looking around for a bargain Windows Phone to tide you over till windows 10 handsets hit the market, and want a few extra features to try over the Lumia 630, 635, 530. 435, or 532. The Lumia 640 might fit that bill? Thing is it is available for pre-order through Harvey Norman, and to buy […]

Pick Up Free Wireless Charge Accessories For Your New Lumia 920 & 820!

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This is a deal I’ve seen in other countries before, and now it’s available for a limited time in Australia. Like I said it’s a limited deal, first condition you will have had to purchase your new handset between the First of April, and the Thirty First of May 2013. Not so hard, but what […]

Wireless Charging Hack for the Lumia 800!

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Not since the Palm Pre, have we seen this feature flaunted, and it’s definitely not something that you would sneeze at in a new device. Sadly the Pre and it’s Touchstone charging technology, never made it big. A feature that many of us would pay for, wireless charging, is still a thing of science fiction […]

Review: SPB Wireless Monitor for Android!

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If you are using PAYG [pay as you go], or Pre Paid as we call it in Australia, you often have limits to data, which once topped out, will cost you a fortune in excess charges. SPB Wireless Monitor is one of those applications that will watch your data usage, and inform you when you […]