Review: SPB Wireless Monitor for Android!

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If you are using PAYG [pay as you go], or Pre Paid as we call it in Australia, you often have limits to data, which once topped out, will cost you a fortune in excess charges. SPB Wireless Monitor is one of those applications that will watch your data usage, and inform you when you […]

Press Release: SPB Migration Tool!

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There’s always a problem for users changing phone Os’s, I experienced the same issues myself, so it’s great to see another tool to aid the transition appear. To buy a new phone is always fun. But every change can cause the number of inconveniences at the beginning. Ask yourself a question: do you always save […]

Press Release: SPB TV for Windows Mobile 2.0

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Ever thought about streaming TV on your mobile phone, well today SPB Software have released an updated version of SPB TV, and it’s free. No initial cost and no ongoing subscription fees. Another significant enhancement is the Advanced Video Codec (H.264) support which improves video quality. As a result even with substantial lower bitrates the […]