Nokia World, What Will It Bring?

Nokia World

Nokia is amping up the party in Abu Dhabi which is only a week away, Nokia World 2013 may be the last we see in which Nokia has full control over it’s mobile division. Interestingly enough though they seem to be branching out a bit, with a recent post over at Nokia Conversations, highlighting not […]

SBSH SafeWallet for Windows Phone!


SBSH SafeWallett is a secure vault for all of your sensitive information, passwords, account details, on Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, S60, webOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox & IE! It’s really cross platform in the true sense of the word. The combination of desk top clients for Mac and PC, and with the Windows Phone viewer […]

Zune Pass, Impasse, All Features In Oz Now!


The Zune pass service is due to launch in Australia tomorrow, November 16, but it seems from local forums that the service is already rolling out, albeit not complete. The forums over at Whirlpool have been discussing the service since October.  If you’re invested in the Zune services, and think it’s the next best thing […]

Press Release: SPB Migration Tool!


There’s always a problem for users changing phone Os’s, I experienced the same issues myself, so it’s great to see another tool to aid the transition appear. To buy a new phone is always fun. But every change can cause the number of inconveniences at the beginning. Ask yourself a question: do you always save […]