Video: HTC Radar Hands On!

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Looking at the Titan and the Radar, yesterday, it was a toss up for me which phone I would actually prefer. The Radar, even though the smaller and lower specced of the two devices introduced looks a good phone, and is of a sturdier construction. While the device previewed in white, it will also ship […]

HTC Omega, “Mango” Windows Phone Appears on Online Auction Site???

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And the plot thickens, with the HTC Omega getting some in the wild coverage from an owner who is auctioning the unreleased device on an Algerian website. Ironic isn’t it, that we expect the Omega or “Radar”, which is about to be announced at a HTC event in London in the future, September first to […]

HTC Omega and Eternity, are the “Radar and the Titan”!

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The flashy white HTC Omega, and it’s big brother the Eternity are a couple of phones we expect to see in a couple of days, at the September First announcement from HTC. There is though some confusing information on the devices, apparently they are to be called the Radar and the Titan . HTC has […]

What Will You Get With A New HTC Windows Phone?

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Any moment now a lot of new handsets running the newest version of Windows Phone, are going to hit the market, one even this week in Japan. As my colleague Nick emailed me earlier today, with a simple statement that as a confirmed Windows Phone early adopter/ fanatic, raised my ire, and led me to […]

HTC Omega, Mazaa, Getting a Little More Real!

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Well it looks like the HTC Omega is getting a little more real, with it appearing in the game logs of developer Elbert Perez [@mechaghost on twitter] found reference to the HTC Omega, in game logs on his site, The Occasional Gamer. Elbert has a huge portfolio of Windows Phone, and a couple of xBox […]

Will the HTC Omega be HTC’s First “Mango” Windows Phone?

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Earlier this week, Specs leaked on a new HTC handset, code named the Omega, and it may be HTC’s Mango phone, or one of them any way. I do believe HTC will bring it to the Mango Release of Windows Phone, just like they did with the original release. There’s a theme starting to emerge […]