Review: Nokia Lumia 930!

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The Lumia 930 has been slow in coming, but would have to be the most anticipated Windows Phone, mainly because the availability has been on and off again, not only locally. It seems supply cannot meet demand, at the moment. What most people see as an update to the Lumia 920, it surpasses the old […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update Rolling Out! Or Is It?

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Today via the Conversations blog, Nokia/Microsoft announced availability of the 8.1 update for Windows Phone, which includes the last piece of the puzzle, the Lumia Cyan firmware update. With this rousing announcement you will all start hitting that check for updates button in settings. Initially you will be disappointed, but again don’t feel to bad […]

A Little Teaser, Nokia Lumia 930!

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Whether it be logistics or just bad planning, it seems we cannot get a great Windows Phone launch in Australia, all of the forecast dates from carriers seem to be blowing out for the Lumia 930, and the anticipation and frustration is building. The Lumia 930 would have to be the most looked forward to […]

Nokia Australia Giving Away 20 Lumia 930’s, Want One?

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#Iwantalumia930 With news that the Lumia 930 will be available “In July” in Australia, although we haven’t been given an exact date yet [there’s plenty of speculation, and I wont add my theories to that],lot’s of folks who have been waiting for this device are hanging out to get their hands on the device.There’s twenty […]

Third Update For WP 8.1 Dev Preview Available!

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Just another little bump for the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview rolling out overnight. It’s again not very large, and the post at the Windows Phone blog gives very few details as to what it includes, Starting today at 10am (Pacific), the third update to the Preview for Developers will start rolling out, and you […]

Files For Windows Phone 8.1

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There’s been a lot of changes made in Windows Phone 8.1, depending on who you talk to some good, some bad, and some that need to be worked around. Recently Joe Belfiore went on REDDIT and revealed that Microsoft would release a native file explorer, which a lot of windows phone 8.1 apps are already […]