Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual Sim, Available At Aldi For $199.

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Microsoft has continued to produce a swathe of budget, mid to low range handsets in trying to draw in users to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Users are spoilt for choice at incredibly reasonable prices. The Lumia 540 is another such device, that has just become available to the Australian market via budget supermarket chain Aldi, […]

Developers! You will not be able to unlock new WP8 Devices after today!

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This is a quick heads up, for Windows Phone Developers who still wish to test apps on phones running Windows Phone 8. You probably will have received an email today as pictured above. After 7 p.m.[US] Pacific time today, Windows Phone 8.0 devices won’t be able to be unlocked for development purposes anymore. Obviously this […]

Bonus Deal, Lumia 640 plus MD-12 Wireless Speaker From Optus!

Lumia 640
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Looking around for a bargain Windows Phone to tide you over till windows 10 handsets hit the market, and want a few extra features to try over the Lumia 630, 635, 530. 435, or 532. The Lumia 640 might fit that bill? Thing is it is available for pre-order through Harvey Norman, and to buy […]

Microsoft Lumia 532 For Half Price, Cheap Cheap Woolies!

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This is another of those deals from Woolworths that is too good to believe, you can pick up the budget Lumia 532 for a pocket pleasing $49.50 at selected stores around the country.  The phone is pre paid from Telstra, and can be unlocked for a price, which bumps up the cost quite a bit […]

Cortana Getting That Little Bit More Ocker!

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A couple of weeks back Lumia Australia announced the Great Aussie Joke social media competition, this was designed to bring more localised content under the personal assistants belt. The results are in and it looks like we have some winners. I’m not quite sure what’s a win in this case, some of the jokes are […]

Microsoft Announces the Lumia 640 and 640XL for Australia!

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  Earlier this Week, Microsoft Mobile announced that they would be bringing the Lumia 640 and  the Lumia 640XL to Australia in early May. Both devices sport 4G connectivity, a 5 and 5.7” screen respectively, and relatively affordable prices. The Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL will upgrade to, and benefit from, the core features […]