Microsoft’s First Lumia Announced!

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“and there was lamenting and gnashing of teeth” Well probably not, although there has been a lot of played up dramatics, histrionics and outright beat up, at the demise of Nokia. Let’s face it, this is the inevitable and expected conclusion, that has been coming for a little while now. When Microsoft announced last week […]

Press Release: Microsoft Devices, Lumia 735 Australian Availability Announced!

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In a press event today, Microsoft Devices head for Australia and New Zealand, Steve Lewis, announced the Lumia 735 would be added to their local range for a RRP of $399AU. The Lumia 735 is expected to be available with Vodafone from 1 October for $0 on $30 plan, with an exclusive bonus orange wireless […]

Telstra Finally Gets Round to Windows Phone 8.1 Update!

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Telstra have been in a bind and bearing the wrath of Windows Phone users, impatient for their Cyan/Windows Phone 8.1 update. Rating as one of the few carriers that have not released the update, their testing and software verification process seems to be at the core of the problem. We have received the Windows Phone […]

Microsoft Devices at IFA!

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Microsoft has a big reveal planned for tomorrow at the IFA in Germany, all the leaks leading up to the event seem to tell us that for one we will see the Lumia 830, a purported 5 inch 720p handset with a 10 Mp pureview camera. With a decided mix of previous Lumia features, a […]

Upload to YouTube for Windows Phone!

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The relationship between Windows Phone and Google has definitely been a rocky one, remember the YouTube app that was and is no more. As such a lot of the WP community has rejected a lot of Google services and moved solely to a Microsoft ecosystem model. But, and a bit one at that, there’s one […]

Review: Nokia Lumia 930!

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The Lumia 930 has been slow in coming, but would have to be the most anticipated Windows Phone, mainly because the availability has been on and off again, not only locally. It seems supply cannot meet demand, at the moment. What most people see as an update to the Lumia 920, it surpasses the old […]