Free 30 Day Trial of Groove Music! Windows 10.


Streaming music is the new Walkman, and there are bountiful services to take advantage of online music libraries. In windows 10, the store, and the updated music app Groove, can bring you the same sort of functionality for $10 a month. What popped up today though was a special offer that you will want to […]

Small Business Owners! Win A Consult with the Microsoft DO SQUAD?


DO you run a small business, sell your passion to people, but somehow it’s hard to get a handle on all that entails? That’s when you might need the “Do Squad”. In this promotion, Microsoft offers businesses, help to seamlessly integrate a range of Microsoft tech into their repertoire. Value adding and supporting a move […]

Windows 10 “Slowly” Rolling Out!


Starting last week, Windows 10 has been rolling out to users, Insiders and anyone that wants it really at a tremendous pace. There were over 14 million upgrades in the first 24 hours, and unofficially by Friday there had been 67 million installs. So it would make sense that, that number has been doubled by […]

Windows Phone, Changes!


Earlier this week Microsoft announced a restructuring of its phone hardware business, and it has been reported with much doom and gloom. In fact most of what you can read from major news sources seems to be eulogizing. It’s early days, and the consequences of the restructuring will take a while to be felt to […]

Bugfixes For Telstra Windows Phones,Coming In The Next Couple of Weeks!


While we wait for Windows 10 there are still updates rolling out for local carrier Windows Phone 8.1 devices. A couple of weeks ago now Microsoft released a small update for the Lumia range, that amounted to a bug fix only, “We identified a problem in some versions of Windows Phone 8.1 that could cause […]