Got Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview, Is Cortana Playing Hard To Get?


The Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview became available yesterday, and the frenzy it created was palpable and continues still at this point. I think the bulk of the excitement was for folks getting their hands on Cortana, the new Personal Digital assistant from Microsoft. It is in fact in limited Beta, available legitimately for users […]

Windows 8.1 Update 1, It’s Here Folks!


It’s a big day for Windows Users, with the 8.1 update 1 becoming available to all running Windows 8.1, and while it’s not the hugest of updates, the touches that some call a concession, and others call a reality of the market are quite small, but nice. It really isn’t the largest of updates, with […]

Back Up Your Messaging History In Outlook Now! Or Lose It!


Well this email came out of the blue today, and if you want to preserve all those messages that you have racked up over the years of using Windows Phone, you had better do something about it right now. It’s not only your messaging on the phone, but if you use messaging, to one of […]

Don’t Panic! Messenger Going Away! Skype!


Messenger is going away, or is it? Microsoft have been preparing us for the change since earlier in the year, in fact probably since they acquired Skype. The 8th of April, is the beginning of the end for messenger on the PC, it will be phased out completely during the rest of April, and if […]

Trouble In Windows Phone 8 Paradise?


Recently the Windows Phone site got a bit of a makeover, with the most noticeable change being the latest announced WP8 devices, the HTC 8X and the HTC 8S taking top billing on the landing page. A lot has been made of the length of the HTC/Microsoft relationship, right from the launch announcement.

Australia Gets Some Windows Phone Store Love! Updated!


Update: Major thing that I just noticed, I seem to be connected to the US store with an Australian Live ID, don’t know if this is an early bug, or if that will be the norm for the new store, but I’m showing this url This is one of those firsts that you won’t see […]