Where’s Your Aussie Denim? Updates!

  The Lumia Denim update has been painfully teased here in Australia, with some hints that the software/firmware combination would hit our shores, in January, Mid January, and now more likely February for most devices. I suppose a lot of … [Read On...]


Windows 10, Rolling It All Into One!

The Windows 10 event that Microsoft held early this morning Australian time, changes the rules of he game. The OS will bring a universal operating system to all of it’s devices, PC’s, 2 in 1’s, phones, and Xbox. The key to the redesign, seems to be … [Read On...]


Microsoft’s First Lumia Announced!

“and there was lamenting and gnashing of teeth” Well probably not, although there has been a lot of played up dramatics, histrionics and outright beat up, at the demise of Nokia. Let’s face it, this is the inevitable and expected conclusion, that … [Read On...]