Telstra Approve The Tango Update For Windows Phone!

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Todays big news is that Telstra has approved the Tango [Mango Consumer Refresh] update for Windows Phones on their network. Updates are approved for the Lumia 800, HTC HD7, HTC Mozart and the Samsung Omnia W. For some reason the LG c900K is still in testing, this was one of the earliest WP devices on the Telstra network, and possibly the least popular. They may be having a hard time finding one to test with.


Great news for all those who have waited patiently for the update, but the wait is not over, it is now up to Microsoft to push the update out, so the date for delivery remains mid July. Good to see Telstra moving on this, it could have dragged out for a few more weeks.


Telstra Software Update Page


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    I’m more confused as to why Telstra suddenly stopped refering to it as the LG Optimus 7Q and started refering to it by the model number c900k.


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