Vodafone Au Lumia 800 and HTC Trophy Tango Update Rolling Out!


Good news for Trophy and Lumia 800 users on the Vodafone network in Australia, Microsoft is delivering the Tango Update to your phones starting today. Vodafone has been ahead of the pack in testing and approving Windows Phone updates in the country, and they have done it again. Don’t get too disappointed though if the update is not showing up through the Zune client today, Vodafone advises that the update will be tiered.

Roll out Schedule

The update will be rolled out progressively, so not everybody will be able to update immediately. The update will be released to devices, randomly, according to the following schedule:

  • Day 1-6: Available to 10% of devices
  • Day 7-20: Available to 25% of devices
  • Day 21: Available to 40% of devices
  • Day 22: Available to 60% of devices
  • Day 23: Available to 80% of devices
  • Day 24: Available to 100% of devices

Of course the scheduling comes from MS, reducing load on their servers, and if any bugs occur with the process, they will not affect all users and can be dealt with. While this is a relatively minor update WP7 users will be encouraged that the platform has not been forgotten. It’s also worth reminding people that this has nothing to do with Windows Phone 7.8, don’t expect to see that till later, possibly around Q4 of this year. This is also unusual as unbranded Windows Phones are not receiving any update notifications yet, and they usually herald the start of the update process.

Vodafone Lumia 800

Vodafone HTC Trophy


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