HTC Titan 4G[Telstra], Unboxed, Thoughts!

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With Windows Phone being in a state of flux, will older phones get Apollo, where’s Tango, WP8 well into testing, and showing up in server logs, new windows phones fall into the field of dreams category. "If you build it, they will buy." If you haven’t jumped onto the Nokia juggernaut, fetching one of many Lumias to revitalise your passion for the OS, you are probably sporting a phone, that may not be at it’s EOL, but is coming close. Or you’ve picked up a budget interim device, from a trusted OEM. Phones are out there though if you need a refresh and just can’t wait for Windows Phone 8. The HTC Titan 2, or Titan 4G from Telstra is on of the premium offerings. It comes pre loaded with OS version: 7.10.8773.98, that’s Tango, although the difference isn’t that great, but it’s the update people are waiting on at the moment.titan4g_about

The phone itself is big in the hand, but I don’t find it much more cumbersome than using the HTC HD7. The phone is deceptive, it has an all metal body, with a matt, soft touch finish, that’s a silver blue when held in the right light. It has a lovely curve to it that kicks up at the bottom, where the haptic buttons are.

The 4.7” screen is about as big as I’d like to go, any bigger and the Radiant [as the phone is actually named] would not be a pocketabe phone in my opinion. The 1750 MAh battery is non-removable, and realistically, using the phone from a full charge this morning, with heavy use, installing and setting up apps, and some heavy browsing, I managed a good 13 hours.

4G data speeds were averaging around 19 Mbps, with the highest I saw in Melbourne CBD up around 24 Mbps. I’m sceptical about data speed testing apps at the best of times, but performance in apps that I’ve used for a long time, or loading web pages that I’m familiar with, load times are incredibly improved. In the FishIE Tank test for IE9 Mobile, the phone averaged 50 frames per second. The Titan 4G definitely makes a good first impression, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

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