More Windows Phone Tango Features Revealed on Russian Forum!

lumia610xWe’ve been hearing a lot about Tango and the fact that it will be able to run budget devices, with less RAM. It’s even been suggested that the update may not be delivered to existing phones as it’s focused on a really specific purpose. Leaked images of one device the Lumia 610, appeared earlier in the week as well, whether they are real is suspect.

People seem to be forgetting that it’s always been billed as an update, so it’s good to see some features leaking that confirm that. A user over at a Russian forum has shared screenshots of the updated OS. They are also reporting build numbers running up to 7.10.8762, with an LG device featuring in the stats as well. We know Tango is coming and what’s important is what’s new in the build.

videomms audiomms


The first seems the ability to add video and audio to mms messaging, up until now we haven’t been able to manipulate video on the phone through native apps as well. Also mentioned was adding multiple attachments to mms messages, and although that would cost big time to send, still a feature that people would appreciate.

There’s also a new roaming feature, that allows for domestic as well as international roaming. maybe not as pertinent down in Australia, but of interest any way. There’s also a warning about apps and the 256 Mb RAM limit.

cellular_roam wp256mb

There’s obviously a lot about the Tango update that we don’t know about yet, but leaks like this are starting to fill in the gaps. What;s also interesting is that people are running the updated OS on devices that do not fit the budget profile that keeps being talked about. With this much activity around Tango, hopefully it will be out for all to enjoy, sooner rather than later.

WP7Forum.RU via MobileTechWorld

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