Photo Editing and Windows Phone!

mosaic (6)One of the things that Windows Phone brings to the mobile world, is not essentially great cameras, with an eight megapixel camera being right at the top of what HTC offers in a phone. LG offer a phone with a 13.2 Mp camera by the way. Getting that great photo though doesn’t depend on the camera alone, it’s more up to expectation, having the camera ready, and a steady hand. What Windows Phone does have though is a plethora of image editing apps. mosaic (5)

Apps that let you take your photo to a whole new level, whether the capture is fantastic or not. Photo, even has it’s own category on the app market, and with combinations of apps pictures can become masterpieces.


Yes, there are a lot of apps that do one thing, and that thing isn’t probably what you want to know about, but with combinations of apps both free and paid, you can really produce some interesting images from captures on the phone.

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Image editing has become a multi layer thing, where one image can re edit an image many times,


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It’s become a game in itself, seeing how you can layer effects across different apps to create a varied album from one photo.

mosaic P_L_edited_Vintage_FX_2011-12-17_22-02-55

While it’s not great artwork, the fact that apps like Pictures Lab, can layer effects, add an effect to an effect. Photo in Photo will give you that diminishing effect, and photo frames are included in Thumba, Pictures lab and an app called frame it. Imaging seems to be the must have area to develop for on Windows Phone.


  1. romantic karenna says

    I suggest PonyPhoto Editor for Windows Phone7. It has many features including a gif creator feature. It works perfect on my Samsung Focus device. Quite nice app. I love it very much. haha~


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