Photo Editing on WP7!

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Windows Phone with it’s graphics acceleration, current phones with 5 to 8 megapixel cameras, and touch screens from 3.7” to 4.3”, offers a great platform for mobile photo editing. Now there are a lot out there that will do certain things but there is one, almost idiot proof, that offers so many options, that you will probably not know what all the options do.

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Thumba is about the best option you can find for editing mobile images on the go, with lot’s of cosmetic features, like red eye removal, cropping and resizing, and things like adding borders and changing the aspect ratio of the image.

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Besides general features like resizing and going from B&W to colour, there are filters and effects that can take an image from a realistic impression to impressionism in a couple of taps. What impresses me about Thumba is that the small screen representation, is a true depiction of the high res image that you are working with. There seems to be no lack or loss that I can detect. So filtering your images on the phone, even camera stills, appear at their true resolution on the PC.

Original picture quality seems to be preserved, no matter how you muck about with it, and comparing that to unedited photo’s with the app on a larger screen seems to confirm that.


Yeah I know it’s just a pumpkin, sitting on stainless steel, but Thumba will let you colour it, add textures to it, crop rotate and sharpen it. All on your phone, there is no need for a PC and a high powered camera, and expensive software. You can actually copy paste, edit, layer images, directly from your camera on the phone and share them online when you are happy with the result. There’s well over thirty different options that you can manipulate, and the combinations of those make for an incredibly varied result.

It’s not Photoshop on a phone, but it’s simple, and will offer you a lot of options that you never had on the go before. The real amazing thing is that the app deals with real time High res photos, on the go without bogging down the phone. So that’s the HD7, 8 mega pixel resolution photos, taking a matter of seconds within the app on the phone to be permanently edited. Thumba is well able to work within first generation Windows Phone specifications without a hitch, and a valuable tool for the on the go photographer. It’s a really important app, because it is optimised for first generation Windows Phones, that is faultless on the graphics side of things. Even though it can do a lot, it never compromises the system, thus using it your phone is always functional. Microsoft have been able to enable so much useful functionality within the OS, but it’s the fails people focus on. Windows phone plus Thumba is an awesome graphics capture/ edit platform for the mobile environment.

While Thumba is not free, it is only 99 cents, in the marketplace, with a free trial. For that price I would but it to try, but it is well worth having in your quiver. It’s not a novelty app, it does really allow for real time photo editing from your phone. Yes it can be random, when playing, and I’ve not a full grasp on the app but I can get all sorts of results. Give it a try, I’m pretty convinced that this is a great app.


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