More Windows Phone Rumours! May 24 Announcement!

windows-phone-7-series-tablet-conceptWhile Windows Phone, may seem like an underdog, and there are many features that iOS users, Android users expect natively are missing, the growing, devoted user base are fanatical about the OS. The OS launched on a varied similarly specced series of devices, that at  the time where considered high end in terms of hardware, times have changed very quickly. That 1 Ghz Snapdragon, and really the whole chipset in first gen Windows Phone’s, has been superseded, and in a couple of days, we should have details of how the release OS software will be superseded as well. I remember saying, that the OS feels like a Beta, after a few days of use, but I have grown to love it. The initial update process has been fraught with difficulties, and if your phone is tied to a carrier, you may have experienced even more update anxiety than most. If you are an early adopter of Windows Phone, it’s been a leap of faith, a step into the unknown. With the first round of updates, now out of the way[Nodo, Copy/Paste], users are now looking to what will be a major overhaul of the OS with the Mango update, scheduled for late this year. Pretty much all of the details have leaked already, prior to the official announcement, and demo’s promised for the 24th of May. So we already know the software/firmware is getting a nudge, what about the hardware though?

WMPoweruser reckon they have a super hot, tip, that vaguely outlines a range of second generation Windows phones that will be previewed at the May 24 event.

According to him/her we can expect around 9 devices to be announced – 2 from HTC, 2 from Acer, one from Dell (the Dell Wrigley) and a massive 4 from Samsung,  some of which resemble the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The handsets are not necessarily expected to be released soon; in fact they are likely aimed for the holiday season, which would likely put a further damper on current Windows Phone 7 sales.  On the other hand it gets increasingly difficult to keep handsets secret when they enter carrier testing, so officially announcing them 3-4 months before release may not be such an issue.

This is not firm news, and likely events will unroll in the coming months, the fact that there is not a mention of Nokia in there, is also a bit screwy, but “Anonymous Tipster” is obviously a questionable source.  It is likely that we will see new handsets running the Mango update to whet our appetites on the big day, but how many and who from is questionable. Waiting with baited breath, I am!

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