HTC Mozart 7. My Sims Not Dead Yet!


If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve been participating in a review program through a local carrier, Telstra. They gave me a HTC Mozart 7 to review and keep, and the program finished yesterday, but my SIM is still working, So I thought I’d bring home the bacon, or pork belly any way.

Now the Mozart is a beautiful phone in every respect, and it brings some great features to the table, but it’s on par with a lot of the current smartphones out there, whether they be Android, less so Windows Mobile, maybe the N8 from Nokia, and the Blackberry Torch. The iPhone 4 boasts a higher resolution screen but not much more. All of the acquired, obsessive knowledge that I accumulate from the internetz daily, specs and the like, do not portray how I use my phone, or the apps I‘ve found that enable that use. I still feel compelled to post about WP7, while the phone is running on a Telstra SIM, So usage and stand out apps, as well as some niggling problems.

First and foremost, my phone serves as my mobile computing solution. That’s a nice clean sentence but what does it imply, in my work, there is no desk, there is no office and there is very little spare time. My phone has to let me, bank, order online, talk to people, text people, read, find resources, document things, and then link all of that back to a PC when I get time at home. More of late, it must also amuse me, games have become a transition from work to relaxing at home since Angry Birds hit Android. That’s a very simple set of requirements for a device that can do so much more than that. SO what would that list require? First, a fast network, as it is heavily internet focused. I now the Mozart has a newer chipset than my Desire, but the comparison between network speed is phenomenal. What takes the Blink of an eye on the Mozart, takes a couple of seconds on the Desire. That would be marking a page of posts read in Google reader. I’ll be interested to see the comparison in time when I put my normal SIM in the Mozart.

Secondly a good browser. Internet explorer has always been playing catch up, and didn’t play well with secure sites. nothing has changed in that respect. I’ve always been interested in mobile browsers, and MIE is still lacking in some respects. So Metro Browser is the thing for Windows phone 7, for me at the moment, you can learn all about it here

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