The Good, The Bad … Mozart 7. part 3

phonealytics1 A lot of emphasis has been placed on the “everything in one place”, and the “glance and go” nature of the Windows Phone user interface. Whilst that may be true of the calendar and email tiles that you place on the home screen, maybe even the pictures tile. The people tile, nicely animated as it is doesn’t really convey much information. So no matter what you do you have to get down further into apps, but many of the apps don’t include a live tile to transmit current activity. The only app I’ve found that hooks into WP7 like that is called Phonealytics, it connects to your Google Analytics account.The Os’s social integration revolves around Windows Live and FaceBook, and they are built in, Let’s face it though, they are not the quick and easy social media choice of most socialites. So we have to look to apps for that! Probably the most important function though a smartphone should have is constant internet access through a browser. It is the most important feature for me anyway. Mobile Internet Explorer [MIE] which is the default browser in WP7 is … how to be kind about it?

There is no support for flash, html5, it is basically IE7 on a mobile phone. This is probably the biggest let down for me in the whole WP7 experience, and it migrates lots of problems from earlier versions, like the inability to access high security sites properly. If a site has a https:// prefix, like internet banking, you’ll probably find it hard to use. There are plenty of browsers in the marketplace you can try, the best of which is called Metro Browser, but they are all based n MIE, so you don’t escape the problems, they are just packaged differently.

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