The Good, The Bad …Mozart 7. part 2

WP_000050I’m going to preface this post with a little thankyou to Telstra. One of the biggest issues all of the social reviewers have had is poor battery life, this morning we all received an email that eluded to a fix that Telstra had put in place to help.

Hi all,

I’ve got news!  Overnight we implemented a fix that will optimise battery life on the Mozart 7 for people using push email.

This was an automated fix and so you will not need to adjust the settings (Telstra tweaked some settings on the servers that support push email on the Mozart and this will optimise battery life). If you have adjusted your APN, I’d recommend you return the phone to its default setting.

It seems though, that this server side optimisation is making all pushed data work more efficiently. I made it through a full nine to five day today, with my usual heavy usage, and got home with 60 % still on the battery. My normal usage is probably quadruple that of an average user, so that’s a big improvement. So Cheers Telstra! SO on with the review.


I intentionally left the camera out of the hardware overview yesterday, and I know I did a look at video, and photo quality earlier, but I wanted to revisit the camera for a very special reason. It’s ability to do fairly decent macro photography.

WP_000051 WP_000052

All the images above were just random as I was walking home from the train station today. I didn’t take a thousand pics to get a few that looked good to post, These are all just single shots taken on a random basis.

Even though the camera app loads a bit slow, and I would say the dedicated camera button is a little bit small, once you get used to it, you are good to go. The other thing that’s really impressive is that the camera button will wake the phone from standby, directly to the camera. In these days of converged devices, when the camera you always have is your phone, WP7 has made things a little bit smoother.

Native Apps of Note

Native apps included with Windows Phone, should be a no brainer for Microsoft. Ll of your average smartphone apps are there, email, messaging, calendar, contacts and the like. I showed you the people hub and internet explorer earlier. In general Windows Phone is just that, a phone user interface with some fancy add ons. The biggest functionality change for all of the apps on WP7 is SkyDrive sync. Windows phone is built to sync with all of your other Windows Live services. Once you initially set up the phone, all of your info from FaceBook and windows live pulls to the phone. Office on WP7 is little better, than on WinMo 6.5. The big break through is live sync for One Note. It gives you a real time solution, across different platforms, or in the cloud for cumulative text notes that are active, editable on the go.

Zune media player is adequate, combined with the HTC equaliser software, but it gives a simple solution to get any media onto the phone, music or video.

WPxBox Xbox Live gaming is the jewel in the WP7 crown, and takes mobile device convergence up a level. Gone is that PSP, you got games on your phone. I’m impressed with the quality of the games, and the graphics quality. You don’t have to have an xBox to play the games now. You can play a slew of games on WP7, but they will cost you. The transition from the phone to the console is seamless, you don’t even have to get the console, do it all on the phone

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