Telstra One and HTC Hub on WP7

Microsoft have locked down Windows Phone 7, much in the same way that the iPhone interface was. SO no matter what you try, the only customisation you can do is change the lock screen image, and change the colours in the live tile interface. So you are left with two things, possibilities, carrier and manufacturer add ons. Or Hubs as they are being called. Telstra’s own hub is great, bringing you lot’s of local news and weatheras well as all of the Telstra services, like white pages and your account usage.

Then there’s the HTC hub, this is HTC’s stampy foot thingy, to bring an essence of their popular Sense UI to Windows Phone. Sense UI has been included on all HTC devices, whether they be Windows Mobile or Android, not being able to skin WP7, HTC had to settle for a hub as well. The hub does provide some familiar features and design, but could be easily bypassed, for the WP7 UI.


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    Don’t forget if you have a Telstra Gen 1 release WP7 handset, they also kindly locked the phone down from future updates 😉 hahahaha


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