Surface Pro Commercial! Love it? Hate It?


Microsoft is trying to appeal to a younger crowd, of up and coming professionals that need convenient fully fledged computing solutions, in a new more convenient wrapper. Is it a tablet? Is it a laptop? The Surface Pro commercial seems to highlight the pen input, but other than that, this is like no other workplace, […]

Telstra Teases WP8 and WP7.8 Updates, Coming Soon!


Telstra have been getting a lot better at telling customers about updates, with a regular, weekly outline of what is coming over at their Crowd Support forums. Details for when Windows Phone 7.8, and what should be the “Portico” update for Windows Phone 8 have been nicely laid out for all to see. So, the […]

Samsung’s Flexible Display! Microsoft says “Happy Jan”


Is this the future? Microsoft seems to think so. At some stage in the past Microsoft vowed that it would not officially appear at the Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas. At some stage MS made it clear that there was no value in them presenting, or continuing their traditional keynote. How hard […]

Samsung Confirms Windows Phone 7.8 for All It’s Phones!


This is a bit of refreshing news for Samsung Windows Phone 7 owners out there that don’t have the option for what ever reason, to update to a WP8 device, Samsung or otherwise.  WindowsPhoneItaly, after some speculation and rumour that the Omnia W would not receive the WP7.8 update, have had confirmation from Samsung technical […]

One Of the Other Windows Phones… Huawei Ascend W1!


It can be easy for Aussies in our insular market, with plenty of disposable income, to forget that there are other OEM players in the Windows Phone game. Huawei is not known for it’s quality devices down here, they are low-end, budget and predominantly Android powered. They fit a niche in the market though, and […]